Today is my 23rd Birthday.

Today is my big 2-3!! My only Birthday wish this year is to hear from all those I love most in this world. :) That's always my favorite part about Birthdays.

As I get older I am reminded everyday of the things I love and hope to never forget as my life goes on and I continue to always turn another year older...

I hope I never forget...

  • How lovely I feel when I’m dressed up
  • How magical I think rainbows are
  • How much I love driving with the sunroof open in the summertime
  • The tears in my father’s eyes when he dropped me off at college for the first time
  • How to create
  • The many conversations my mother has had with me about taking care of myself
  • How hard I had to work at my first job to afford my first car
  • The day my brother left for the east coast and how sad my family was without him
  • How excited I get around animals- even if it’s just the baby ducks crossing the road
  • How fortunate I am to have such amazing girlfriends
  • How thankful I am to be healthy
  • How excited I am to be a mom- someday.
  • How horrible it feels to break someone else’s heart
  • The way that I feel when he looks at me
  • How amazing it will feel when I complete my education in 8 weeks.

I'm looking forward to a great birthday and all of the magic, I'm hopeful, that 23 will bring.

...okay, i'm ready Kati...Bring on the anti-wrinkle cream!

{image via: poppytalk}

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