to make you laugh.

I found these via A Cup Of Jo and seriously laughed out loud. I hope they make you laugh!

1. Okay, so you drop something on the floor...what do you do? It seems there is a scientific calculation to assist you with your next move. Ha! Ha! Ha!

2. Check out this optical illusion. Pretty silly.

Okay...here's what you're looking at...
Notice the girl in the background?... and her cute booty?

NOT! Now look at the girl in the foreground...she has a shoulder...duh!

Did you laugh? I hope I made you laugh.

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Tim said...

For #1, that's the stuff computer scientists need to go through with everything in life. Everything is conditional, and those conditions affect the outcomes of almost everything. So yea I over analyze sometimes like that.

For #2, I didn't notice the booty until you mentioned it. I totally saw the shoulder. I guess a perverted perspective.


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