Let me introduce myself.

I'm really excited today because not only has my blog reached over 600 views in the past months, but I now have people from all over the country emailing me in support of my posts and wanting to know more...ABOUT ME!

It's funny because I originally started blogging as a way to express my artistic self; both with words and images. I figured that my readers were all familiar with me and my life so I never took the time to tell the story of who I am.

Now, it seems my thoughts are reaching a broader community, make me incredible excited!

So--I realized for the first time, my e-mailers have a valid point.

Let me introduce myself.

Blogworld: meet Holly.
Holly: Welcome to blogworld.

Well, I am Holly- and I would say... I am pretty sassy. At least, I have my moments. Many of them. Hopefully though, in more of a delightful-kind-of-way.

I typically have a lot to say--okay, sometimes I can even be quite a smartass, but i DO admire the art of good conversation. I recently completed my bachelor of science degree in Interior Design with a minor in Art History from Oregon State University.

I am someone who is inspired. My talents include shopping, strategic and creative design, project management, Scattergorries and wine consumption. Yes, that is correct...Pinot Noir is specifically what I am best at.

Professionally, I am working in public relations for the tech industy in Portland, Oregon. Everyday I am learning the influences that technology, strategic communications and digital strategy have on our ever-changing culture. Life, truely could not get much sweeter and I am loving every minute! ...and that a computer can virtually do anything for you.

I also, among many other things, believe I have hit the jackpot in the lottery of fabulous families.

I am the oldest with a younger brother, three years behind me. I used to say 'little' brother, but well now...not so 'little' anymore. I remember how heart broken I was when I found out that he was not going to be a she... but now, I honestly, in a million years, couldn't imagine having a sister. My brother is my soul mate and I wouldn't trade him for anything. He teaches me things about the world, that I simply sometimes do not see. Things like having subjective opinions for literature and organized religion and the importance of disjudgement upon others. Which, to embarrassingly admit, I sometimes do too quickly and he is always the first to remind me of it. My brother is a different thinker than most. He is never rude and never politically correct, and that is perfectly alright with me.

My mom and dad are both incredible people who, I believe, have shaped me into the woman I am today. I get my stubbornness, morality and ugly feet from my dad and my work ethic, intelligence and perfect skin from my mother. oh, and also my hips. which is also, conveniently, my biggest self consciousness.

Lets talk about the women.

Uniquely about me, I believe, are the relationships I have with FaBuLoUs women. Let me be clear, the women in my life could rule the world; if allowed... Between my six aunts, all with hearts as large as their attitudes, my Tutu (my grandmother), my dozens of female cousins (remember: daughters of these aunts), my mother and hundreds of girlfriends throughout my lifetime, I've practically been raised by all woman.

With a dash of charming fatherly-influence, of course. :)

I strongly (yes, I do think strongly about many things) but, I strongly believe that because of all of them, all of them, I am the determined, ambitious, and independent woman that I am today. Well, lets just say... I have perfected the "sass". There is no question about that.

I do not believe in superficial relationships. What's the point? I continue to say that every relationship in my life has purpose and significance. My favorite thing about myself is my capacity to love others and I invest in my friends and family and depend on them to challenge, encourage and support me. And, I have learned to let go of those who do not.

I am in love with the man that I hope to marry, someday.

Let me just say that again...

I met, and began dating him, during the happiest time of my life and I truly believe that has made a real difference some days. I believe that is the secret to healthy relationship. Allowing yourself to have a good relationship with yourself before you can let yourself have a good relationship with others. In the past 5 years of which I have known him, he has taught me many things about myself. Some things good, some not-so-good, but mostly, good. I'd say the most important being to never give up on myself. To go after what I want in life and have confidence in myself that things will work out. Truely. We are exceedingly opposite, but most days that is what keeps us learning and incredibly happy.

I like to read--especially factual information, travel, build relationships and eat great food. I enjoy Bikram Yoga, painting, blogging and I sometimes get a stange satification out of spitting my gum out the window while driving down the highway. I am getting better at cooking, well let's just say 'more creative'. Although, I still hate to bake. I don't think, at this point in my life, I will ever get over that. I love, love puppies and all animals, really. I like to be busy and work hard, but I do love my lazy days, just. as. much.

If I could live anywhere in the world, I'd live in London. Not busy city, corporate London. But, instead, right behind the old bookstore along the seven-dial in Covent Garden. I would meet friends for lunch in famous pubs, photoshoot Kensington palace and Westminster Abby and ride the tube to work everyday. Although, come to think of it...I never did find a good sushi restaurant in London, so... possibly not.

I believe in happiness. I believe in positive thinking and metal strength. I believe in working hard, very hard and I believe in love. I believe in not giving up, BUT I do believe in changing your mind. Although I have had to talk myself in to this idea many times. I believe I am an old soul living in a youthful body.

I believe that art, subjectively ugly or beautiful... factual, it is a reflection of the world around us. This is something I believe to be true. Religion, politics, culture, music, economics, and social trends all contribute to how and why we create. It influences how we interpret and interact with one another. That. is. why. I. love. it. . . .

This blog is a cherished memory of my life. It is a reflection of my mind, experiences and interactions with the world around me. Over the coming years I hope to learn more about all of you, as I will continue to share more about me and what I am creating.

Thank you for being interested in me.

Sincerely--my dear friends,


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