on a second thought.

get it?... because it's tuesday?

on a second thought, mom says:

"God puts us through times like these so we can appreciate the next stages of our life."

she's probably right...


anxiety. it's usually accompanied by transition, right?

on a lighter note, today was a little brighter.

also, Sassy's getting a new photo header tonight!

stay tuned...


a {rougher-than-usual} monday moment.

do ya know the feeling?

feeling pretty beat up by the demands left from today.

hoping for an brighter tomorrow....


I know i'm a grown-up when...

for christmas--instead of consumer luxuries, i ask for things like 'a payment of monthly car insurance' or 'the payoff of a recent medical bill'...

i spend my weekends getting my oil changed or carpets shampooed.

i hear myself say "i'm teaching a workshop next tuesday"

instead of attending a concert, it's easier on my body to just buy the CD.

i get excited about furniture shopping, dry cleaning discounts and tax refund checks.

'vacations' are no longer defined by sandy beaches and pina coladas but rather just simply time out of the office.

my morning routine involves caffeine and NPR.

black friday just seems like total hell.

a thanksgiving delight.

it is 5am and i am wide awake.

...when i get anxious i can't sleep. sometimes this happens. not often, but every once in a while, it happens.

it is the morning of thanksgiving and am thanking God for the incredible blessings he's given to my life.

here are few things i am grateful for today...

Seattle. C and I have just spent an amazing week in this city. Funny, because a year ago, I was bound & determined to get a job, move here and start my adult life with him. After spending several days in this city, and although I still love it, I can no longer picture our life here. And that's okay, because our life is starting out beautifully in portland. It simply reminds me that things happen as they are supposed to.

My home--in portland. Well, in gresham, rather. I swear it gets bigger each year but continues to feel pretty small town. I am thankful that i grew up in such a beautiful home--filled with so much love.

My amazing girlfriends. There are many of them and the people who know me well, tell me constantly how lucky I am to have them. They are my support, my happiness and my family.

My god-gifted creative talent. With out it, I'd be lost. I am grateful that it has fed my curiosity for life both emotionally and intellectually, and continues to be a significant part of who I am.

My education. Five, hard and extremely fun years later, I have a bachelors degree. But better, I have an education; and intellectual opinions {to feed my sassy demeanor, obviously}. And yes, I've also inherited the monthly payments--but the experience and knowledge, AND job I now have--you just cannot put a price on that.

My mom and dad. Who {now that i am an adult} I've realized, have sacrificed a lot for me and my happiness. Whatever i wanted--they made it happen; I've had opportunities to enhance my artist abilities, play club sports, go to college and travel the world. my life has been pretty great thanks to them.

My best friend C. My life is better with him in it. He makes me laugh harder than anyone and he's the best comfort when i cry. He reminds me everyday of the greatest days of my life and each day, I am grateful that I get to continue to build an amazing life with him.

My health. Often times taken for granted--but extremely grateful to be a young, smart, energetic 23-year old.

My incredible job. I wake up each day and feel lucky to spend my days with talented professionals; who really are the masters of their trade. The transition from college to career may not have been easy--but each day is a new challenge and a true gift that I work{ed} extremely hard to get.

What are you grateful for today?

HaPPy ThaNkSgiViNg!


elegant emma

Holy wow.
Have you seen December's issue of Marie Claire?
Emma Watson?

Two Words: Simply. Stunning.

Well, incase you haven't seen it--i am sharing...

Emma, i will see you for our Harry Potter date on saturday.


a toast to post

Today my beloved blog turns one year old.

Out of celebration, I have taken time to reflect on this past year as a new blogger and the many, valuable gifts it has given me. As most of you know, I originally started this idea as a way to track the progression of my senior design project and keep in touch with those I do not see too often. However—over these past months, it has evolved into something much greater.

Here are the delightful yet sassy gifts my blogging experience has given me (year one):

1. cOnnEcT wITh LiKe-mINdEd ArTIsTs:

Since I founded Delightfully Sassy I have met many people, who like me, are in love with the blogging community. I have been invited to local events, raised money for charities, created an artistic accreditation and met amazing people—who think a lot like me! For example—have you met my friends Kati and Preppy in Portland?

2. jOiNeD tHe jOUrnALiSm art industry:

Little did I know that when I began creating in this capacity, I would eventually work professionally in journalism. But wait…I went to school for art and design…

Yes, true—but in fact I have learned over this past year, they are alike in many ways: same creative thinking, overindulgence of brainstorming, presentation of ideas--simply different mediums.

3. dRAw A dEscRiPtIvE rEcaP of my life:

It’s like the play-back of an old home video. I get to read my past experiences and relive that state of mind all over again. Like that one time I professed my love for OSU, toasted to my better half, cried about my grandfather, or served this cocktail. Or how about the day I shared my uncertainty about growing up, or yelled ‘WTF’ to my coworker. I’ve written about friendship, Minnie Mouse, sushi etiquette, love stories and new years resolutions and much more.

4. sTAy iN tOuCH with people I don’t see often.

My grandmas’, cousins’, uncles’, old high school boyfriends’, babysitter’s mom reads Delightfully Sassy! They get to experience what I’m thinking and feeling. This was a little strange to me at first, but over time I’ve learned to embrace and take advantage of it. Now—I love my readers, no matter who they are!

5. sTaNd Up fOr tHiNgS i bEliEvE iN.

Because blogging is a public activity I get to go live with my opinions, thoughts and ideas. It has allowed me to develop a voice of my own. It’s my forum; I can say whatever I want! However, with that said, I have also learned the importance of ‘accountability’. Because I am creating in public domain the things I say can {literally, in the court of law} be held against me. It has taught me to be thoughtful about how I express myself—online.

6. eXeRciSe mY mINd:

Not only am I constantly thinking about the content of my next post, but I am also taking advantage of learning and reading other blogger’s thoughts and ideas. This is an important skill to any artist. It’s called research. I exercise my mind—daily, by following other bloggers, listening to the news, reading public forums and scanning popular publications from around the world. I can speak to our present culture because I’ve watched the trends, read the news and constantly update my tweetdeck.

7. Helped with gOaL sEttINg aNd aChiEvEmEnT:

Last week I was reminded of my blog’s birth date. So, I decided to write a ‘toast to the post’ blog in celebration. I thought about the theme, developed the content and now I’m executing the action. Moving phases: goal statementàgoal developmentàgoal completion. Done & done.

8. Believe it or not—I’ve pRogReSSed aS a wRiTeR:

Technically and creatively. I think, practice makes perfect, or something like that? The great thing about blog writing: there are no right {or wrong} ways of expression; as long as you have well-developed content. I, at least try to double-check my spelling…

9. iNdUcEd cUriOsiTy:

It has certainly taught me to see the world differently.

I once heard someone discuss the value of blogging and they said ‘blogging is great because other people can see how you think’. It’s exactly right—I can comment, discuss, question or praise whatever I want. I create the content.

10. See tHe pRogReSSiOn oF mY LiFe aRtiStiCallY, iNteLLecTuAlly aNd emOtioNallY:

This is perhaps the best gift my blog has given me. I enjoy looking back at my old posts and remembering exactly how I was feeling that day. Then, to see how far I’ve come since then… DEVELOPMENT. The most enjoyable thing is to look back on my experience graduating from college and entering the ‘real world’. I truly get to measure my accomplishments.

Although during this past year I’ve blogged about my experiences, feelings and reactions to the world around me, the real reason behind creating a successful personal blog is not me--It’s you.

Thank you to my readers.

After one year of blogging joy; a year filled with challenges, successes and much personal growth, I can truly say it’s been a wonderful journey. Thank you endlessly for your support.

Here’s to many more happy years with Delightfully Sassy! Happy Birthday!


smartest decision i've made all week...

a little something i like to call 'happiness'.
...or productivity?


miss capricho's delights

lately--i've been feeling a little more sass and not enough delight.
so here is my attempt to find some balance.

have you heard of miss capricho's designs?
i remember learning about her designs in a art class a couple years ago but a recent trip to seattle refreshed my memory. GORGEOUS.

here's a peak at some of her delightful pieces:

rEmInD mE--WhY dId i StoP pAinTig aGaiN?


a monday moment

"tO Do LiFe thE riGht WAy, yOu haVe tO feel liKe yoU'rE stiLL groWinG uP foR tHe resT Of YouR liFe"

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend--i will share updates of mine soon!
Happy monday!


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