Toast to my better half

Can I just say...

Well, of course I can "say"... It's MY blog :)

But, can i just say... that I originally promised myself that I would keep the content of this blog simple. I would write about design and art and photography and things that evoke emotion worth my intellectual commentary.

Meaning that....for the sake of privacy between him and I, I promised myself that I would not comment about my feelings of this relationship.

However, then I remembered that this is a space about ME and my life.... My ideas and my opinions and my reactions and feelings involving the world around me.

So, for this one time (I promise...)... this post is to the one that I love. He has been the better half of me. Four years later I can still look at you and smile and count my blessings because I am a truly lucky girl. If there was ever a day that I would really need you; your support, advice and love... it was today... and you knew all the right things to say. You made me feel better. You were a really good friend. In the light of blessings this week, I want to say thank you, to you. Thank you for being my best friend. I am so thankful for you and what we have, together.

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