My Girlfriend-In-Law

Because I'm such a new blogger I'm still reading and following other blogs that inspire me, mostly people that I know and love.

Candy Jean, my brother's girlfriend has become one of my favorite people to be around. My "Girlfriend-In-Law" as I like to call her... She is currently living with my brother at my parents house, going to school full time and working at Columbia Sportswear in Portland. She is so fun to be around and smart and witty and always up for anything! In her Blog, Dog Days are Over, she shares about her "PLDs" as she likes to call it...(poor life decisions) and "ALDs" (Awesome Life Decisions). It's very funny and interesting.

Check it out! I hope that you will learn to love her as much as I have! :)

Dog Days are Over

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Anonymous said...

hey Holly-girl! i'm checking out your blog & absolutely LOVE it! you are the cutest thing in the world! i also checked out Candy's blog and PLD - too funny! i like hers too, minus the Sarah Palin nonesense. keep up the good work & will check in with you & your blog! love you always,
auntie Court


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