I. Heart. Portland.

It's always so hard to go home to Portland for Thanksgiving break. Not because I don't want to leave college town...(by then, i'm ALWAYS ready for a break...)

BUT, it is such a tease to those of us who then have to return to college town on Sunday, after the Holiday. We get four amazing days home, just enough time to get excited about Christmas break, only to remember the reality of returning to school for 2 more weeks of finals.

However while I was spending time at home, in the wonderful city of Portland, I made a list of all my favorite places. I thought I'd share...

1. The Montage. I do love its Famous southern Mac & Cheese. The Restaurant is located on the eastside under the Morrison Bridge.

2. Powell’s bookstore. In my opinion, should have a zip code of it's own...

3. The Vault Martini bar in the pearl district. The menu is about 15 pages long…of JUST martinis!

4. Edgefield in Troutdale. Food, golf. concerts, beer, wine, hotel, movies…Very cool place!

5. Saint Cupcake on 17th and Flanders. It will leave you speechless!

6. The Portland Art Museum, currently featuring the China Design Now exhibit, but also has a lot of Portland culture.

7. Urban Fondue on NW 21st. Great place to go with friends!

8. Mississippi Pizza Pub. BEST pizza in the city!

9. Pok Pok. Don't be afraid of the menu, everything is DELICIOUS! It’s Thai food, but worlds away from your basic strip mall Thai. It does Take FOREVER to get into, but totally worth the wait!

10. The Portland Saturday Market. Can get pretty busy, but a GREAT place to people watch.

What are YOUR favorite Portland spots??

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