on my mind today...

I know it's not monday but...

"loOkiNg bAck, yOu'll RegrEt thE thInGs yoU DidN't dO moRe tHaN tHe oNeS yOu Did"

--someones facebook status
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...Bring it on Halloween/OSU Game weekend!


what if?

do you ever think about the {what if}

{what if} I decided to go to THAT school...?
or work for THAT company...?
or move to THAT city...?
would we have made it together?

{What if} my degree was THAT instead of THIS?
{What if} I HAD stayed at home that day?

{What if} I had saved more? or MADE more?
OR tanned LESS in high school?

{What if} I hadn't of taken that class? Would I still have met you?
{What if} i had decided to do THAT instead of THIS?

{What if} I never told you how I felt? WOULD you still have known?

{What if} we never had that fight? WOULD we be this strong? WOULD you still love me this much?

{What if} I had never taken that trip? WOULD I know as much as I do now?
{What if} i never forgave you? WOULD I of lost a great friend?

{What if} I would have stood up for myself? Would I of been happier back then?

{Would if} I would have stayed? WOULD things have turned out differently in the end?

{What if} things WERE different? {What if} I would have chosen the {WHAT IF?} WOULD I be a different person than I am today?

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dear old love,

Remember when we were driving home from school and heard that story on the radio about a couple who’d just had their 65th wedding anniversary, you looked at me and said,
“We can beat that.”


a monday moment.


'InSPiraTioN is the UltiMatE catalyst for LeaRNinG

John Maeda, The Laws of Simplicity

i that's quite a statement.

i finished my interior design degree in march 2010 .oregon state university. i am working on the next chapter of my life.

I like precipitation, Georgia O’Keefe, vintage skirts, and The Beatles. And I work in public relations.

i live in Portland...

i love art. REALLY love it.

i appreciate a good bottle of cabernet.

I dream of mornings spent in my very own art gallery, drinking earl grey tea. Listening to Billie Holiday on an AM radio.

i like to think i am artistically inclined.

i still think of ways i can become an interior designer; i recieved my business license a year ago with intention to progress as a professional.

i consider myself a happy girl.

i sometimes listen to jazz music on sundays.

i love art; architecture, textiles, furniture, creating beautiful spaces...

...watching my ideas come to life…

if i have a bad day: hot Birkrum yoga is my escape. or a dry gin martini.

if i have a good day: a dry gin martini is how i celebrate. and good company.

i am s l o w l y learning how to sew. and be patient.

I am interested in renaissance art and nonfictional stories. and cowboys.

i aspire to be somewhat of an influencer. or coco chanel. or danica patrick.

my skin IS MY favorite feature.. but i secretly wish it was more olive toned

I get my daily news from NPR and Fast Company.

i am scared of regret. and i worry when i travel.

I do have lots of friends, and I love and appreciate every single one of them.

I would consider myself a GREAT thinker. but an even better creator.

I am blonde. Usually…

i am in love. have been for quite some time now.

i enjoy nontraditional journalism, but i’m inspired by new media forms of communication.

i am working on creating a life that is significant, enriching and makes an artistic contribution to our culture.

Kati; she is the mastermind behind this creative introduction.

this photo of me was shot by Kati while celebrating the 4th of july at the oregon coast this past summer.


i miss you.

Dear Grandpa D,

Today is the 3-year anniversary since you said goodbye to us here on earth and joined our heavenly father. Not a single day does by that I don’t miss you. I still see you in my dreams every once in a while, where you smile at me and I know you are happy and safe and missing me. I wake up and I thank God, each time, for giving me that gift.

I wish you were still here. I know Mom still really misses you during the Holidays. Tanner received his Eagle that spring after you passed and dedicated his ceremony in your memory. We all cried as he spoke of your remembrance and continued encouragement throughout our lives. You would have been very proud of him.

Hunting season began this weekend and of course it only made me think of you. Dad has a trip planned for elk weekend; it’s been years. It reminds me of being a little girl again— seeing him come home after a long, hunting weekend away with you.

Every year I get anxious for a second when the leaves start to turn and the cold air arrives because I know fall is here. It’s only a reminder of the countdown of days until we think about that cold, awful day in October—we endured years ago. I still cry some days when I think about how broken my heart when I found out you were gone.

I was your little girl. I was spoiled and loved every second by you and I believe that my life is better for it. I get sad when I think about not being able to dance with you at my wedding. But then, I smile; when I remember the big, tough guardian angel I now have to walk beside me, forever. I graduated from college this year—I wish you could have been there, you would have been so proud of me. GO BEAVS, right!?!

These past two years, on your anniversary, I have started the tradition of taking a shot of whisky in your honor, and today at dinner will be no different. Here’s to you Grandpa and the many happy years you spent here on earth…

I am thinking about you today and most of all remembering this was the last day we spent together; drinking whisky & water and dancing at Courtney’s wedding to Eric Clapton. I hope, as long as I live—I never forget that wonderful memory.

I believe that when we die we go someplace peaceful that keeps us young and celebrating with those who have arrived there before us. I can’t wait to see you there someday.

and until then—I will be missing you.



do you tweet?

As apart of my yearly career development goals in PR, I've decided to improve and expand my social media skills. I have been working in strategic communications for 7 months now—long enough to realize the reality of social media and it's contributions to the future of the marketing industry.

So—in an effort to expand my social media knowledge I decided to create a twitter account. @Hollp. …and I began to tweet.

…and I tweeted.

…and tweeted.

…and followed other’s tweets.

…and now I can’t stop tweeting and retweeting!

Twitter, much like facebook has essentially evolved into a new language for our culture. It is changing the way we send and receive our daily news and messages.

Today was the release of the ‘new’ twitter. As a new member to the twitter world—I have to say, I am lovin’ it! More obscure ‘what’s happening’ tweet box, real names appear, new tweet overlay, Flickr set support, cleaner message area, keyboard shortcuts and many more twitter treats have completed this new and improved experience. NOW—I can get my information faster and clearer and retweet and update more efficiently.

Here are the top 5 things I learned this afternoon via the ‘new’ Twitter:

1. According to Vanity Fair: Vice President, Joe Bidden is saying questionable things during his Midwestern tour this week. The Washington Street Journal also commented and interpreted his pronouncement as “tough love”.

2. According to an article about ‘mommybloggers’, Women are the new online influencers. They makeup 85% of all brand purchases in the US. In less than 10 years women will control 2/3 of consumer wealth in the US with $40 trillion of purchasing power potential. 42+ million women are involved in social media, weekly and 92% of them pass along info about deals to others. 1/2 are moms and 11.5 million are active bloggers.

3. My coworker killed a wasp in the 3rd floor SW quadrant. Her HR teammates were extremely appreciative.

4. Chad Ochocinco keeps his off the field ‘equipment’ clean with Axe. (yes—that was his exact tweet…)

5. Anybody who has followed Chad Henne’s career knows how resilient he can be. “If things go wrong on the field—he can shake them off pretty quickly” Head Coach, Tony Sparano if the first to support this idea. (hoping this one will earn me some points with Casey...)

HaVe A FaNtAsTiC WeEkEnD!!


something worth repeating.

every now and again I come across a composition of words or phrases I feel are worth repeating. have you ever thought about the power and emotion that can be articulated through the perfect execution of certain words?

it's amazing to me how the construction of text and/or images can leave such a significant impression on us--how they can describe exactly how we feel or make us feel a certain way. have you ever thought about this?

i found this sometime ago and felt that it describes exactly how i've been feeling lately about change...

"Planning on promises is foolish because they can be broken. Living on fate, faith and the expectation that every day may be your last ensures that we will make the most out of your time here and follow the path that God has set out for us. Trusting our gut and following that path--as unstable as it may seem, will lead us to the top. God doesn't make mountains we can't climb. What we may think are our rocks, they can crumble and surely we will slip along the way. But in the end it will just help us appreciate the view from the top."

this past year, becoming a blogger, I've began to really consider the written text a true medium of art. perhaps this is why people choose to dedicate their professional lives to it... much like an artist--to evoke an emotion, an opinion or a reaction...

becoming an engaged writer has certainly changed the way i look at the world. it has changed the way i think and most importantly--it has changed the way i create.


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