what if?

do you ever think about the {what if}

{what if} I decided to go to THAT school...?
or work for THAT company...?
or move to THAT city...?
would we have made it together?

{What if} my degree was THAT instead of THIS?
{What if} I HAD stayed at home that day?

{What if} I had saved more? or MADE more?
OR tanned LESS in high school?

{What if} I hadn't of taken that class? Would I still have met you?
{What if} i had decided to do THAT instead of THIS?

{What if} I never told you how I felt? WOULD you still have known?

{What if} we never had that fight? WOULD we be this strong? WOULD you still love me this much?

{What if} I had never taken that trip? WOULD I know as much as I do now?
{What if} i never forgave you? WOULD I of lost a great friend?

{What if} I would have stood up for myself? Would I of been happier back then?

{Would if} I would have stayed? WOULD things have turned out differently in the end?

{What if} things WERE different? {What if} I would have chosen the {WHAT IF?} WOULD I be a different person than I am today?

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