too swank for a tuesday.

So, I may as well confess to you now--because i'm sure you will hear about it again over the next several months...but I have decided to practice shop{i}bacy; which is a word i just created meaning to abstain from all things shopping.

that's right. no shopping for (insert gasp now)...
...for 3 months. well, at least 3 months. that is the preliminary time frame i have chosen--but we will reevaluate the situation of things when we get to that point.

going through this experience, i must admit--some days are easier than most but i can proudly say, as of yesterday--i am 30 days sober. yay me.

today was not so easy. i mean really--with emails like gilt groupe, jcrew and banana republic flaunting their 'never before seen' sales, daily as i sit down at my computer, how does one survive in this sort of environment? I mean really?...
this is what i really, really wanted to buy today...
and this....

...and, truth be told, i'd probably buy this one too...

...but i didn't. because i made a vow to become a changed, money-saving, free from consumer goods, non-impulse-buying woman and i hold strong and true to my commitment. for now.

in any event, i think i'll take my martini extra dry tonight...


a monday moment.

"Change the way you look at ThInGs, and the ThInGs you look at will change"

--my bikram yoga instructor

Happy Monday.


Remember me blog?

Now that we've had a sweet facelift--I will see you tomorrow!


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