W.T.F. kind-of-day.

I’m sorry to admit, my post-holiday-Monday did not go so great. I'll probably be dealing with the repercussions of this one for awhile...

Here's what happened:

5:30 a.m.- alarm goes off.

5:45 a.m.- I think about getting up, but decide I need a few more minutes.

6:00 a.m.- my mom comes in and tells me to get up. Annoyed, I yell back…“yes mom, I know! I can set my own alarm. I’m 23 years-old for god’s sake!”

6:05 a.m.- Finally, I get out of bed, but in a hellish of a mood, nonetheless; early. Did I mention…early?

7:00 am- Tore a run in my favorite tights on my way out the door. Drove to work with my mom in the dark, still feeling like hell and mad at my tights for ripping.

7:30 am- Arrived at work. Made some coffee. Cleaned up the kitchen, after everything had sat for four days. Put on a new pair of tights and complained when I had to throw my favorite pair away.

8:00 a.m.- Hung up on a couple of my mom’s clients while trying to hastily answer the phone and transfer them to other lines. Opps. Got in trouble. Obviously.

8:15 a.m.- called FedEx for the 3rd time in the past 2 days to come pick up their damn package. My hellish mood took spite over me as I reminded them how their business works: We call to request a pickup... then they, pickup. I realize they are busy with the holidays, but we have a business to run; we’re busy too, I tell her. They assured me they would be there soon. I told her…”yah, I’ll believe it when I see it…”

8:30 a.m.- FedEx guy comes. He is not happy with me. Well, let me tell you something sir: I am not happy with you either. Sometimes you have to yell to be heard. That’s the lesson I learned here.

9:00 a.m.- I am hoping that the caffeine in my coffee kicks in soon, so I can return to my normal, more delightful of a mood.

9:30 a.m.- Decide that probably was not going to happen for me today when Chase Mastercard calls to verify some recent skeptical activity made by my debit card. They leave a voice –activated message asking me to return the call. I call back, here is how the conversation goes:

Chase woman: Chase fraud department, how may I help you?

Me: um yes, hi… I’m calling in response to a voicemail I just received about some possible fraudulent activity with my card ending in 1558.

She asks some personal information to verify it’s me she is speaking with. I calmly, oblige.

Chase woman: Ma’am, can you please verify the last transaction that you made using this account?

Lady, I don't know? it's a debit card, I use it everyday....

Me: Well, no. I’m not by my computer right now and I cant remember.... Probably something on saturday? In Portland, Oregon.

Clearly, that was not an acceptable answer for her. We go back and forth about it for awhile. I get frustrated. Just tell me what the hell is wrong with my finances!

Chase woman: Can you verify a charge made for $456 in (somewhere) California? (I cannot understand the city because she either does not speak very clear English OR she cannot annunciate her words, properly.

I start to get annoyed that I now have to deal with this mess.

Me: well, no. I’m sorry. I cannot verify any recent funds made outside of the city of Portland in the past week. I can assure you, those charges are not made by me.

Chase woman: Are you sure ma’am that you cannot verify them?

Just like that. Like I'm the incompetent one. Are you kidding me!?! Do I really need to explain this again?

I roll my eyes and mouth “WTF!” to my coworker. Again, my hellish mood takes over...

Me: Lady, listen to what I am telling you! I appreciate that you’ve called to let me know about the compromised activity with my account, but I do not live in California, nor have I even spent any time in California for the past 6 months, I don't care what city it's in! Now, I will tell you again. Please. Do not authorize any charges made in California or any other state that is not Oregon! Got it? Okay? Thank you!

She tells me that my account now has a zero balance due to transactions made in southern California this past weekend. She also adds that I no longer have any funds available to me for 7 to 10 business days while they investigate and issue me a replacement card.


9:30 a.m.- Just as I am getting off the phone, my coworker spills his coffee all over my purse, completely water-damaging my ipod and camera. They are so done-zo. Completely unworkable.

I spent the rest of the afternoon feeling sorry for myself and regretful that I was too lazy to put the camera and the ipod back into their cases before I threw them into my purse. And then, even more, that I didn't take the time to put the purse up into the cabinet, where it is intended to go while I am at work.


4:00 pm- When I saw a 15-year-old boy’s body, wrapped in tarps, on the downtown, Portland, pavement because he fell from an 11-story parking structure.


I cried the whole way home.

I am SO drinking tomorrow.

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K.Hoy said...

UGH.. I am so sorry. Sounds horrible. Tomorrow is a new day! :)


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