2009 Recap

What do we say? "Out with the old, In with the new"? I'm hoping that 2010 brings me a lot of good luck and cheer, but here is a look at what happened in my life during the year of 2009...

In 2009 this happened:

Saw Britney in Vegas

Had the worst summer of my life

Applied to many jobs, didn’t receive any offers

Thought about law school

Started to develop heartburn due to massive amounts of stress

Started blogging

Said “I love you” to my boyfriend, after 3 years

Lost a good friend

Decided to not go to law school

Decided I want to move to Seattle

Wrote an ad campaign

Still paying off the 2008 Europe trip

Had total of 5 roommates

Worked in marketing and public relations

Watched my younger brother leave home to the east coast

Became a better artist

Started downloading songs legally

Gained 10 lbs

Started reading again...for fun!

Watched all my friends graduate

Made new friends as a result of not graduating

Started my own interior design business

Dealt with a lot of difficult people

Learned some things from dealing with all the difficult people

Received a lot of great business advice

Started thinking about a job in sales

Threw fish at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle

Helped host a few career fairs

Bought a new computer

Went to Whistler and Lake Shasta with my sorority sisters

Worked a ton, but made hardly any money

Learned to sew

Took my last college exam

Celebrated a good friend’s engagement

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