dear so and so.

dear christmas time,
hurry, hurry please.
I miss my family
thank you.

dear peanut butter cookies,
i know you love the pierce residence...
but could you stay away this year?
i need to jumpstart my metabolism and you wont help that.

dear black sweatpants,
thank you for keeping me warm and comfy all week.

dear elf,
thank you for still working after i've replayed you for 3 days straight in my dvd player.

dear woman behind me at the grocery store yesterday,
your pessimistic, in-a-hurry disposition was very condescending.
plus, you don't know a thing about attitude; i've perfected it over the years...
dont test me.

dear apartment,
thank you for protecting me and making me feel safe while i've been here alone all week.

dear mom,
i cant wait to go to work with you next week.
but most importantly, i cant wait to make our homemade fondue on christmas eve.

dear history of love,
you have been a great book so far.
i'm excited to continue your story this weekend.

dear nicole,
thank you for all of the inspiring words of encouragement via email yesterday.
it's funny how life seems to speak at the exact moments you them the most.
it's almost as if you lived my life along side me these past couple of months.
you really know what you're talking about.

dear lady at the chinese take-out restaurant,
it was a long day today.
thank you for your wonderful customer service,
a good attitude can really make an impression on people.
you made me smile.

dear carol caughey,
grades are submitted and i haven't thought of you once this week.
life is great!

dear chocolate-covered peanuts from the bins at winco,
you are killing me.
i'm throwing you away tomorrow so you can no longer tempt me.

dear anne,
I cant wait to see you for some montage dinner on sunday.
we have a lot to catch up on.

dear january,
i'm really not excited to turn another year older.
take all the time you need to get here. i'm in no hurry.

dear pdx,
i'm coming back tomorrow,
cant wait to see you!

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