give the gift of opportunity.

"Because when women improve their circumstances, they also improve the circumstances of their children. Investing in nutrition, education and art and thus investing in a future for their children. Dignity comes from opportunity. And opportunity comes from us. All of us."

This is Opportunity International.

Donations (loan funding) start at $25.

Opportunity International is my favorite non-profit organization. It's an incredible feeling to contribute to the professional opportunity of women around the world... some of which, not much older than myself.

It is a microfinance or micorcredit organization that gives small loans to impoverished people, especially women, to start their own businesses. Through Opportunity’s program OptINnow, you can directly fund one of these aspiring entrepreneurs. My favorite thing about this organization is that you can read summaries of the women requesting loans and then personally select an entrepreneur to fund.

This year, here, you can purchase gift cards to allow friends and family to make donations. The gift is an explanation of how OptINnow works and a description of the woman you chose. Your gift card recipient will be sent email updates about the progress of the loan recipient. Also, when the woman has paid back the loan, in full, which 98% really do, the money will go to fund another loan. This gift literally keeps on giving!

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Whitney Johnson said...

I hadn't seen this organization. Thanks for posting! Looks terrific.


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