My Grown Up Christmas List.

I've always been taught, since i was old enough to understand my faith, that christmas is not about material things. It's about remembering that our God, the Holy Father, gave his only son, Jesus Christ, in return for our sins. It's about the gift of the baby in the manger and the man that was crucified on the cross. It's about having compassion for those less fortunate. It's about joy and believing and blessings, and giving to those we love and appreciate.

However, just for kicks, if i could dream up the best big-girl christmas list this year, FULL of material blessings, this is what it would look like...

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

1. A diamond, pearl David Yurman Ring from Saks Fifth Ave.

2. An adorable pug puppy, my life would be complete.

3. A Canon Rebel eos digital camera, with perhaps some classes to learn to use it :)

4. A trip to Bali for some R&R; doesn't it look completely relaxing?

5. large Burberry bag; to carry all my important things around in.

6. Mercedes Benz sedan c300; i think every girl needs one of these!

1 comment:

Ralph said...

Love that puppy.


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