a thanksgiving delight.

it is 5am and i am wide awake.

...when i get anxious i can't sleep. sometimes this happens. not often, but every once in a while, it happens.

it is the morning of thanksgiving and am thanking God for the incredible blessings he's given to my life.

here are few things i am grateful for today...

Seattle. C and I have just spent an amazing week in this city. Funny, because a year ago, I was bound & determined to get a job, move here and start my adult life with him. After spending several days in this city, and although I still love it, I can no longer picture our life here. And that's okay, because our life is starting out beautifully in portland. It simply reminds me that things happen as they are supposed to.

My home--in portland. Well, in gresham, rather. I swear it gets bigger each year but continues to feel pretty small town. I am thankful that i grew up in such a beautiful home--filled with so much love.

My amazing girlfriends. There are many of them and the people who know me well, tell me constantly how lucky I am to have them. They are my support, my happiness and my family.

My god-gifted creative talent. With out it, I'd be lost. I am grateful that it has fed my curiosity for life both emotionally and intellectually, and continues to be a significant part of who I am.

My education. Five, hard and extremely fun years later, I have a bachelors degree. But better, I have an education; and intellectual opinions {to feed my sassy demeanor, obviously}. And yes, I've also inherited the monthly payments--but the experience and knowledge, AND job I now have--you just cannot put a price on that.

My mom and dad. Who {now that i am an adult} I've realized, have sacrificed a lot for me and my happiness. Whatever i wanted--they made it happen; I've had opportunities to enhance my artist abilities, play club sports, go to college and travel the world. my life has been pretty great thanks to them.

My best friend C. My life is better with him in it. He makes me laugh harder than anyone and he's the best comfort when i cry. He reminds me everyday of the greatest days of my life and each day, I am grateful that I get to continue to build an amazing life with him.

My health. Often times taken for granted--but extremely grateful to be a young, smart, energetic 23-year old.

My incredible job. I wake up each day and feel lucky to spend my days with talented professionals; who really are the masters of their trade. The transition from college to career may not have been easy--but each day is a new challenge and a true gift that I work{ed} extremely hard to get.

What are you grateful for today?

HaPPy ThaNkSgiViNg!

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