I don’t:

Really like condiments of any kind

Take any kind of medication, unless I absolutely need it

Ever, under any circumstances, drive in the snow

Eat kiwi, or kiwi flavored anything, due to allergic reactions

Deal with bad customer service very well

Get my car washed or oil changed as much as I should

Lend my things out to others, very often

Drink milk

Like missing out on fun things

Agree that education should have to suffer due to state and federal budget cuts

I do:

Seriously HATE traffic

Always obsess about my safety

Really love old Hollywood movies

Make impulsive and spontaneous plans

Always decorate. My home is very important to me and my happiness

Wiggle my toes when I’m in uncomfortable situations

Love sushi

Love the smell of popcorn

Take really good care of my skin

Watch CNN & Read Forbes and Time magazine religiously

{image via: we heart it}

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