back on the blog.

I am so happy to be back on the blog radar to spend some quality time with Delightfully Sassy. And, of course many more of my favorite blogosphere friends!

However, here are some highlights of my life the past couple weeks:

1.) Birthday- was a couple of weeks ago and It was SUCH a great week! Yes, I celebrated for an entire week! I spent the day of my birthday working in the morning, wrote a cover letter for a job at Disney in the afternoon, and had a small celebration with friends for dinner.

The day after, a bunch of my girlfriends took me out on the town for some cocktails and fun!

On Saturday night I had a wonderful seafood dinner with my family...

And on Sunday, my sorority pledge class, and I, had some delicious dinner and drinks at the famous Montage restaurant in Portland. Such a great time! Here we are...11 of us...

Top row: Megan, SaraMac, Chelsey, Kristen, Briana, Kelly.
Bottom row: Kali, Mallory, Alyssa, Me, Erica
Missing: Sarah, Lauren, Alicia

Also, we discussed options for the next birthday party (lauren's) and boy do we have some great ideas! You just wait Lauren, you will love what we have in store for you! :)

2.) I've been thinking a lot about the people of Haiti. Every time I pick up a newspaper or sign on to my facebook, I see the devastation the earthquake has caused. It's incredibly sad and I wish I had enough money to re-build the entire community for those poor people. My heart seriously goes out to them all!

3.) I have been spending a lot of great, quality time with my roommate Erica. We've cooked together, drank together, been sick together, napped together, watching several movies together, and online shopped together all within the past 2 weeks. I've enjoyed every minute- she is a fabulous friend and roommate!

4.) I've been in the process of making Casey a very unique Valentines day present. I can't discuss much about it, but it's the best present i've gotten him yet! I cant wait until he sees it.

5.) I've been Dieting. Well.... more like detoxing. It's been for the best... trust me. In all actuality, I HAVE been eating a lot better the past few weeks...with some minor frozen yogurt setbacks. whooops.

6.) I have become quite the work-a-holic lately. I've been doing a lot of Career Outreach stuff around the OSU community; including a TON of public speaking engagements. I've been promoting OSU career resources and discussing different tools to make yourself marketable in this economy.

Also, we have been super busy planning the Non-profit Career Expo, going on tomorrow in the MU basement. AND the...OSU Career Fair/Engineering Fair February 16th & 17th. It's a lot of work, but totally worth it!

7.) I have a new design project. It's a Healthcare Project featuring a renovation of the children's wing at the Newberg Providence Hospital in Newberg, Oregon. We are re-designing the Children's Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Mental Therapy units, as well as everything in-between. Stay tuned...

8.) Measures 66 & 67 passed in the state of Oregon, as of this morning. I'm not excited about it. I voted "NO" on the measures. I believe the bill was poorly written and the State Legislature is horrible at state funding and budgeting. What needs to be done... I believe is...they need to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate their budgets.

Now, we are taxing more money for small businesses, which will eventually lead to more bankruptcy and unemployment for our poor, little, beaver state. (sigh)...

On a more positive note....

9.) I have been working a TON on Job Applications and my Portfolio to send out to companies. I really want to create a brand for my name and market myself in a creative, professional way. So far, my materials have developed well...but, no interviews yet. I'm trying to stay patient and....how did my mother put it? ......"optimistically hopeful".

I hope something comes of all my hard work soon.

10.) I have been sleeping a lot lately. I honestly don't know what's wrong with me, but I have been tired for a week straight! Yesterday I didn't wake up until 2 pm!! WHAT!!?? I haven't slept that long, for like...ever! It was very strange. I guess my body just needs some rest. I am a much happier person when I get my rest.

I hope you all are enjoying your Wednesday; only 2 more days until the weekend!

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