Fabulous & Fascinating & Female

In the light of being inspired this week, I have decided to display a weekly feature. I have been a lucky woman, raised by powerful, successful, fabulously-fun women, who have all positively contributed to my life. I have spent my life being inspired by woman; the aspirations they seek and the support they provide. I've decided to write a column each week, emphasizing a woman who has, in some way, inspired my life.

This week the fabulous, fascinating, female is one of my great girlfriends, and sorority sister, Mallory. Today is her Birthday and I wish I was in Portland so I could celebrate with her over some margaritas. Don't worry Mal, I'll make it up to you...I promise!

Dear Mallory:

I think you're wonderful. I am so thankful that you are my friend. I am grateful for the many fantastic memories we share and the support that we have for one another. You are an amazing friend. Your compassion for others and genuine class is what I truly love most about you. I hope that today is filled with a lot of birthday magic and love from those who think you're wonderful too.

H A P P Y. B I R T H D A Y. M A L !.

"Chance made us sisters, hearts made us friends"

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