something to think about...

10 years ago today I would have been:

:: still obsessing over the 7th grade Valentine's Day social
:: best friends with Andrea Perez (RIP Andrea, I still always think about you up in heaven)
:: keeping stats for the boy's basketball team

5 years ago today i would have been:

:: receiving my acceptance letter to OSU
:: working at the wedding boutique for my senior project
:: a brunette
:: single!

1 year ago today I would have been:

:: hung over from a wonderful weekend in Whistler
:: taking a real estate exam
:: praying for the health of my mom
:: making new friends with the girls in my design cohert

This year I am:

:: graduating
:: healthy
:: in love
:: optimistic about my future

Today I:

:: interviewed for a job I really, really want
:: learned a secret
:: finished my senior thesis
:: enjoyed the beautiful Oregon sunshine

Next year I hope to:

:: be working in public relations
:: move to the west side of Portland
:: buy a new car
:: travel to southeast asia

In 5 years I hope to:

:: still have my grandma
:: be married to my best friend
:: own a home
:: be this happy

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