Fabulous & Fascinating & Female

This one fills my heart today...

The fabulous female whom I've been thinking of lately is my amazing friend Kelly.

Kelly is a very good friend and sorority sister, who received some terrible news earlier this week.

Here's is what I know so far, in the short life i've lived... I have learned there is nothing more important than family. I have learned that the power of belief and hope and support from those we love are the only things that get us through our toughest times. I have learned that as much as I want to change the world for one person, all i can do is love and support them.

We are all standing by you Kelly, and we will hold your hand as long as you need us to.

To my dear, sweet friend Kelly,

You were the first thing on my mind this morning. Your strength, compassion and wisdom are truly admired by all who know you. You are such an incredible and beautiful woman inside and out. Your love and integrity inspire the women that get to share their lives with you. Although you and your family have a long, tough road ahead, always remember that none of your are alone. The love and laughter your family shares with each other, and the world, is amazing and truly defines the happiness of life. I, for one...am confident and excited to see the amazing things that the Ford family is about to experience. Life will be hard for awhile, but you are all amazing people and deserve the best things that life has come!

So...to all of you out there who sincerely believe in the power of hope, love, and prayers please send them to my sweet friend and her wonderful family because they deserve it more than anyone I know!

"Fight hard. Especially if you have a lot to fight for."

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