80 mastered skills.

This is a list of 80 things I believe everyone should know, and know well. Learning these things have sure positively contributed to my life throughout the years. Feel free to suggest more for the list! Hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday.

1. Set goals

2. Keep a plant alive

3. Interview for a job

4. Bake a birthday cake

5. Use a fire extinguisher
6. Express condolences

7. Tell a joke

8. Remember names

9. Dump a poisonous friend

10. Check your oil and tires

11. Relax/Meditate

12. Apologize

13. Be polite

14. Get a good night’s sleep

25. Dress appropriately for the situation

26. Type

27. Read

28. Ask for exactly what you want

29. Shine your shoes

30. Tie a scarf or tie (bowtie too)
31. Jump a car

32. Mix a signature drink

33. Delegate

34. Make a simple meal for company

35. Drive a stick

36. Swim

37. Use chopsticks

38. Make a new friend

39. Build something simple (ie: shelf, desk, treehouse)

40. Change a tire and put on snow chains
41. Give a toast

42. Improve your mood

53. Travel light
54. Steam vegetables

55. Negotiate

56. Be a good listener

57. Be alone comfortably

58. Select good produce
59. Maintain your weight
60. Build savings
61. Use a drill

62. Make small talk

63. Dance socially

64. Win the affection of a dog or cat
65. Eat healthy
66. Create a budget
67. Order the wine

68. Know what makes you happy

69. Flirt

70. Make a good first impression

71. Write a thank you note
72. Arrive on time

73. Make a little kid laugh

74. Change the subject

75. Treat a hangover
76. Be a good judge of character

77. Season a cast-iron skillet

78. Give and accept compliments

79. Contribute in a group situation

80. Ask for a raise

{list via: here}

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