Senior skip day.

This weekend I will be doing a lot of irresponsible college-student, celebratory activities on behalf of my final weekend as a college student. Next thursday I will have to say goodbye to my comfortable, fun, do-what-i-want lifestyle and prepare for the next chapter of my life: working girl!

Which- don't get me wrong, I am very excited about.... but, also nervous.

Anyway, this weekend is about celebrating and saying goodbye to a great college town, experience and the fabulous memories that OSU has given me these past 41/2 years.

To kick off the weekend right, we've decided to have a senior skip day (hopefully my professor doesn't find this...) We've decided to spend the afternoon wine tasting in the beautiful, Oregon Willamette Valley vineyards.

Goodbye OSU. Hello weekend. Heelllllooooooooo celebration!

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