a pretty new penny.

They say there's nothing quite like the relationship a boy has with his dog.

Well--this weekend, I witnessed the 'falling-in-love' paragon that depicts just that. Casey got a new pup, and her name is Penny.

We found her online through a local Border-Collie rescue site and made an appointment to meet her late Sunday afternoon. After watching her stampede to our welcome and win him over with her puppy kisses and innocent charm--I knew he was done for. I watched him fall madly in love with her.

These past couple weeks I've had the opportunity to be a part of the Miller family's quest to find a new dog. After enduring several weekends of heartache and compassion for these homeless pals, and many 'goodbyes', Penny became a member of their family. It was a special moment for the Miller clan--one that I felt special to be a part of.

Since Penny is a rescue pup, the shelter owners were unable to specify her exact age or date of birth. So, we decided that day, April 10th--Penny's official Miller-family adoption date, would be her new Birthday. Seemed fitting, right?

Here she is with her new boy. Happy Birthday Penny girl! May you have many sweet memories with your new family.

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